Litro #111: France

Cover design by Luke Bright

Table of Contents

November 2011

The Lightness of Suibhne” Michel Houellebecq – “I Feel Like Giving Up” Layla Hendow – “La Maison De Dieu” Susanna Crossman – “The Pull of the Moon

Book Extracts Agnès Desarthe – from The Foundling Faïza Guène – from Bar Balto Marcel Aymé – from While Waiting

In the Service of Blood“

Nonfiction Dany Laferrière – an extract from Everything Around Me Is Shaking

How to Speak French“

Listings Alex James

Litro #110: Street Fiction

Cover image by “Mr Brainwash“, the moniker of Los Angeles-based filmmaker and pop artist Thierry Guetta. He has spent the better part of the last decade attempting to make the ultimate street art documentary. Meanwhile, inspired by his subjects, he started hitting the streets, from Los Angeles to Paris, with spray paint stencils and posters of his pop art-inspired images.

Litro #109: Comic Fiction

Litro #108: America

It was 20 years ago that British photographer Russell Young first lent his eye to celebrity culture. The assignment was photographing George Michael for the sleeve of an album called Faith. That job launched a career and soon Russell was shooting musicians like Morrissey, Bjork, Springsteen, Dylan, REM, New Order, The Smiths, Diana Ross, and many other celebrities. The next natural step was directing music videos; Russell directed a hundred music videos during the heyday of MTV.

Russell Young’s art works are currently on show at London Gallery, Whisper Gallery, 27/28 EastCastle Street, W1W 8DH, by appointment only.

Litro #107: War

Cover image is September und Schweigen, Oktober, 2006, 66 x 103cm watercolour on paper. Part of the 2011 Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Courtesy of Galerie Wolfgang Gmyrek Düsseldorf.

Litro #106: Catalan

Litro #105: Science

Cover photograph by Paige Sinkler, an award-winning writer and photographer currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University. Her fiction and poetry have been published in online and print magazines, including Litro.

Litro #104: History

Litro #103: Anti-Love

Swedish born Mikaela Westerholm began her photographer career while studying fashion and media in London. After moving to L.A. to continue her studies and gain more experience, she returned to Stockholm, assisting some of Sweden’s most respected photographers. Having freelanced for several clients such as Puma, international online PR firm Edelman and the National Theatre of Sweden, she settled at company called Peas, which is a commercial photo studio based in Stockholm. To keep her creativity flowing she does side projects such as this one, so she won’t get too caught up in the commercial world. She would like to express special thanks to Veri and Emma Wistrand for participating in this project.

Litro #102: Dutch

The cover artist is Maaike Schoorel, with Self-Portrait in Black (oil on canvas, 2011), courtesy of the Maureen Palely gallery, London.

Litro #101: Faith

The cover image by Iryna Yermolova. It is taken from her exhibition, The Journey. This exhibition was previously shown at the Red Gate Gallery in London in October 2010.
Yermolova is hugely stirred by the beauty of the English countryside, yet she equally draws a lot of inspiration for her paintings from her Russian roots, childhood in the Ukraine as well as Orthodox religion. The power and sadness of Russian icons has always deeply touches the artist. Experimenting with colours, textures and different materials all brings her enormous pleasure and inspiration. You can find out more about her work at

Litro #100: South London

Cover art is Stephen Farling‘s Boucher: The Back Story, 2010. His exhibition is currently showing at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, from 10 Nov – 19 Dec 2010. For more details, please click here.

Litro #99: Russia

The Journey by artist Iryna Yermolova will be showing at Red Gate Gallery, London, throughout October.

Litro #98: Money

Cover art by Ian McKeenver: Hartgrove painting No. 10, 1993 -1994, oil and acrylic on cotton-duck, 250 x 265cm. Exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Arts, 8 Sep–24 Oct 2010. See here for more details.

Litro #96: Gangs

This month’s issue cover artist is Gillian Ayres, one of many talented artists exhibiting at the annual Royal Academy Summer Exhibition now in its 242nd year.
Gillian Ayres studied at the Camberwell School of Art. After leaving in 1950, she began to paint abstracts, with her first solo exhibition being held in the mid-1950s. Ayres was shortlisted for the Turner Prize in 1989. In 1986 she was made an OBE, and in 1991 become a Royal Academician. Ayres’ early works were typically made with thin vinyl paint making up relatively simply forms from a limited colour palate, but later oil painted works are much more colourful and exuberant, as seen above in this month’s cover art.

Litro #94: Spain

Hopper was best known for his oil paintings, but was an equally talented as a watercolorist, printmaker and illustrator.  His work reflected his personal vision of modern American life but with a strong European artistic influence, realistically depicting urban and rural scenes which referenced both natural and modern man-made structures and lifestyle, combining  a sense of geometry and the careful placement of the human figure with an almost cinematic use of light and shadow.

Litro #92: Crime

The tree and rose are familiar icons full of symbolism, cultural references, as well as personal experiences. I am not concerned with finding a new subject matter, or medium, but rather the process of finding originality through interpretation.”  —Sam Tufnell