How to Have a Relationship with God

When the Other Gods Read Self-Help Books…

Louie Stowell has been drawing cartoons and other illustrations for Litro for a year or so. Her drawings have appeared in other off and online magazines and an annual charity art exhibition called ArtSHO. She also writes children’s books for Usborne and recently co-wrote a book called the Write Your Own Story Book, published at the start of June.

How to Avoid War

How to Destroy the World

Dave’s Affirmations by Louie Stowell

How to Confuse the Scent of Serial Adultery

Issue 103: Spineless Clegg

Cartoonist: Sam Mead.

What Happens After We Get Married? by Louie Stowell


Coffee Morning of the Gods by Louie Stowell

Comic Strip – Issue 94

Comic Strip - Issue 94