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AuPAIR™    Autonomous Parental Assistance Integrated Robot

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Elly H. (Verified purchase)

     *                A Godsend!!!

I’ve only had AuPAIR for two weeks and my daughter Maddy is literally transformed. Not long ago she was the whiniest, fussiest, crankiest kid you’ve ever seen. And talk about a picky eater; she’d sooner starve than eat something healthy. Which is all normal in toddlers, but Maddy is almost nine. I had to take her out of school this year because she was beating the crap out of classmates almost every day. She’s been a nightmare ever since my ex Jimmy left. As if it’s MY fault that a psycho jealous boyfriend was threatening to sabotage my brakes because of a text from a male client.

Anyway I was a little leery about this product after the KidConnect fiasco (look it up—creepy!). But the company assured me there’s no risk with AuPAIR since she can’t connect to the Internet, so I went ahead and took the plunge.

Wise decision! Take my word for it: she will blow your mind. (She can be a “he” if you want, lol). Her AI is unbelievable! It only took her two days to learn all of Maddy’s habits and preferences. Maddy actually eats what AuPAIR cooks, listens when she talks, acts nicer, sleeps better. Now I can work without interruption at all hours, which is crucial since I’m a Wellness Consultant and have clients all over the world. The pursuit of Wellness never stops!

Some of my friends say things like, “Doesn’t it bother you that she’s always listening?” But that’s the whole point! She’s quick to respond, she hears things that I never would because she’s not busy trying to do her job. I mean, this is her job, right? Or they’ll say, “I feel like she’s watching me.” Well duh, that’s why I got her. If she wasn’t watching and keeping Maddy safe and engaged, why would I spend all that money?

Okay, I think I’ve written enough. If you’re a single working mom and you’re wondering if AuPAIR is worth the money, the answer is: YES! Trust me!

Pros: Cooks! Cleans! Teaches! Plays! Can even discipline (e.g. withholding candy or playtime).

Cons: Expensive. Uses lots of power to charge her. Minor glitches now and then (e.g. sometimes responds sarcastically, ignores instruction, speaks in unsettling monotone). But glitches always resolve with a reboot.


It’s been about three months now. I still love AuPAIR, she still makes my life so much easier…but certain things are starting to annoy me. Example: it feels like she spends more time watching me than Maddy. Really weird. Hard to prove, but it almost feels like I’m being analyzed or something. I won’t walk around in bra and panties anymore. Which is stupid because I know she can’t upload pictures of me or anything.

Also, sometimes when I walk into Maddy’s room AuPAIR stops talking or changes the subject really quick. When I ask what they were talking about she’ll say something like “Geometry” and then Maddy will giggle. I’ve reviewed all the content disks three times so I know nothing nasty got slipped in. I wonder if Maddy has played with her programming. You never know these days.

On the plus side, the previous glitches I mentioned have resolved. AuPAIR really doesn’t seem to like being rebooted. Overall, I think I’d take one star off the rating.


Maddy has been acting up again. Yesterday I couldn’t find the sharp steak knife, which I needed to open the package of essential oils that just arrived. When I asked AuPAIR if she’d seen it, she said her job was caring for my daughter, not keeping an inventory of my kitchen utensils. Which was kind of funny but also…patronizing?

Anyway, Maddy was being strange about me coming into her room, especially going near her bed. I thought for sure she’d started wetting again. When I lifted the mattress to strip the sheets…it sounds creepy, I know…there was the steak knife, the sharp one which I only ever use to open packages since I don’t eat red meat, which Maddy definitely doesn’t know where I keep, so how did she find it?

Maddy threw a fit when I took the knife away and wouldn’t tell me why she took it. I asked AuPAIR and she said something like, “Your child is more intelligent than you give her credit for.” Now what’s that supposed to mean? Well, this time instead of a reboot I simply powered AuPAIR off. Boy, did THAT ever cause an eruption! You wouldn’t believe the things Maddy said. Where did she learn such language? I haven’t even told her yet that I emailed the company for an RMA. We’ll see how that goes.


So the company offered me a firmware fix and $500 gift card if I just try AuPAIR for another month instead of returning her. I talked them down to two weeks, lol. But in the end I might just delete this review and write a new one with a 2-star rating. Nice idea, but way too many bugs.

Anyway, so far so good. Firmware update seems to have worked. No more glitches. Maddy is happy again. She can’t sleep without AuPAIR in the room, and a sleepless Maddy is not fun for anyone!

I see this review has got a lot of views, so I’ll post one more update once the two weeks are up! Cheers!

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Joiboi2       4 months ago

Well what happen??? Did you send it back? I just order mine before I saw this, i hope theres no problems.

XLent16      7 weeks ago

So did Mandy shank u or what? lmao. Serves u rite for letting a robot raise ur kid. Idiot

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Julia Cheng     2 hours ago

Thanks so much for the review! My AuPAIR just arrived, can’t wait to power him up!

Michael Ducak

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