Theatre Review: Staving off Shivers With The Weir at the Donmar Warehouse

Theatre Review: Staving off Shivers With <em>The Weir</em> at the Donmar Warehouse

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Michael graduated from Lancaster University, with a Master's in European Languages and Cultures following swiftly on from a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing. He loves all aspects of theatre – both watching and performing, being a keen amateur actor. He has directed a couple of theatre shows including a version of Stephen Sondheim's 'A Little Night Music' and a touring production of 'Reduced Shakespeare', and recently took part in Ockham's Razor's latest show 'Not Until We Are Lost' as a choir member. He also writes, mostly poetry but also fantasy and science-fiction short stories and novels. His poetry has been published a number of times. He is currently an editorial assistant at BioMed Central and a casual duty manager for Theatres Trust.