J. D. Petersen – Home on the Range

I know how the world will end. Deep inside most people do. Despite lectures on strategic equilibrium and all the reassuring propaganda, we all know Eliot was wrong. The world will not end with a whimper; it will end with a bang – the likes of which man has never seen.

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J. D. Petersen is a Danish freelance journalist and writer living in Copenhagen. His short stories draw inspiration from the human condition and the absurdities of life. “Home on the Range” is his first published fiction.


  1. Petur HK says:

    Excellent. Was really only going to read the first two-three paragraphs, and then save the rest for tomorrow. Plan was foiled and no here I am. Quite a riveting read.

    ‘We never forget.’ Such a great line. And the hardhats. They probably say it all.

    Thank you for this. Genuinely.

  2. Ray FitzPatrick says:

    I am really pleased for you. A really tight piece, and if I may say oozes class. Your style utterly changed, reflects an inner peace through a new profession. Hints of Orwell and Carver. Sublime and uplifting, how long before I get to read more?

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