Laura Solomon – Lady Bluebeard

Here he comes, my seventh honey. The others hang on hooks in one of my many spare rooms. The room is awash with blood. He looks so fine, with his Brad Pitt abs and his golden locks that hang to his shoulders. Neither he nor any of his five brothers wanted to marry me. He is the youngest of them all; it took money to persuade him, an offer of five thousand pounds. He was easily bought. He is a country boy, a farmer, destined to become a farmer himself but for fate, in the form of me, intervening.

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Laura Solomon‘s published books include: Black Light, Nothing Lasting, Alternative Medicine, An Imitation of Life, Instant Messages, Hilary and David, In Vitro and the e-book Vera Magpie. Forthcoming works include: The Theory of Networks, Operating Systems and The Shingle Bar Taniwha and other stories. She has won prizes in Bridport, Edwin Morgan, Ware Poets, Willesden Herald, Mere Literary Festival and Essex Poetry Festival competitions. She won the Proverse Prize in 2009 and was short-listed for the Virginia Prize. Her current main publisher is Proverse Hong Kong (


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